Celebrating Peoples' true nature

Working at Hestia

Hestia is convinced that the job as a Childcare teacher is so much more than just childcare. That is why working for Hestia is definitely different from what you are used to. How? Read on!

All attention goes to the potential of the children and the employees

A child does not have to ‘become’ anyone, because a child already is someone. We honour and respect a child's autonomy and help them become conscious of themselves, others, and the world around them. We follow the natural development of a child, match their interests and then build on that. We are inspired by our own experience and that of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Steiner, and others. Our pedagogical philosophy is unique and our daily source of inspiration in how we support children in their development. We empower children as well as our employees.

What applies to the children also applies to the adults who care for them. As an employee, we invite you to be yourself 100%. Discover your talents, experiment and learn, within the safety of our Hestia family. You can therefore expect that you will learn a lot here, both in a pedagogical sense and also in terms of personal development. For us, this goes hand in hand. This means that, in addition to all kinds of pedagogical training, you also receive workshops in, for example: mindfulness, discovering personal talents and Non-violent communication.

International & Inclusive Family

We have international teams working at all our locations, and the official languages ​​are Dutch and English. People come from all over the world, which makes Hestia a melting pot of different cultures and different backgrounds and it shows! All teams are energetic and curious, creating a casual atmosphere that makes people describe it as "the Hestia family". Our culture revolves around inclusion, fun and curiosity, which you will notice as soon as you enter!

Sustainable & Innovative

We are one of the first childcare organisation in the Netherlands who are in the process of becoming Bcorp certified and we are proud of that! We believe it is important to be actively involved in themes such as sustainability. We are a learning company and look at new paths and next steps with an investigative attitude, always driven by our vision to make a social impact. We are open to feedback and feedforward from our environment and motivated by a sense of responsibility for the new generations. Want to know more? Click here for more info. <link to bcorp page