Hestia family


I love my work at Hestia. Here I can be myself completely and I have no barrier, for example, because I speak another language. What I like so much here is that we co-create together as colleagues. It doesn't matter which group you are on, together we are a team that helps and supports each other. This is how we provide a very nice atmosphere in which the children and parents also feel great.


I choose Hestia firstly because I deeply love the use of different approaches that I already knew, and was very exited to be able to use them myself. The bilingual environment played also an very important part when I chose. Here I can express myself fully and always, without feeling uncomfortable because of a language barrier. I enjoy most to co create with my colleagues, we are all a team it doesn’t matter from witch land. We collaborate to allow everyone to have a good time.


I hold dear memories of my first day at Hestia. The great children, colleagues, inspiring rooms and building. Since working here I found a great team, great people, fun people to work with. I enjoy most, making beautiful art with the children and creating an inspiring environment to grow up in.