Bcorp – sustainable childcare (EN)

Creating Change

Bcorp: our road to sustainable childcare

"A Certified B Corporation is a company that has voluntarily met the highest standards of social and environmental performance."
Following Bcorp's high standards helps us to improve every day and improve the way we work in a sustainable, inclusive way. It is Hestia's mission to transform the current childcare sector and thus have a bigger and better impact on the future of children. The children of today shape the society of tomorrow. Hestia strives to be an example of how childcare organisations and schools can be part of the change towards a more conscious and social world in the future. We are the first childcare organisation in the Netherlands to become Bcorp Certified. People care, Planet care & Fair share is integrated in our DNA, and we don't see how to operate without balancing these three.

People Care at Hestia

As a social organisation, our goal is to have a positive impact on all the people we connect with. With a trained eye and a conscious attitude, we stimulate children in their development in a natural and free way (inspired by Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner and Reggio Emilia approach). With an open mind and an inclusive attitude, we teach children the power of colaboration and diversity. We are a learning company and look at new ways and next steps with an curious attitude. Always guided by our vision to make a social impact, open to feedback and feedforward from the environment (such as parents, schools or government). And driven by a sense of responsibility for the new generations. Our employees are the heart of the organisation. Everything we wish for our children (inclusion, self-awareness and growth) must be present in the heart of the team. That is why we offer our employees a working environment in which they are valued for being themselves. They are encouraged to develop themselves, discover hidden talents and we challenge them to grow with the help of personal leadership trainings. Parents are part of the community and we involve them whenever and wherever we can. We celebrate international festivities and invite them to pedagogical workshops. At all our locations we have a central hall where parents can drink coffee and chat with other parents or one of our team members.

Planet Care

The children of today shape the society of tomorrow. Childcare can therefore play a crucial role in making that future society more social, inclusive and aware of the world in which they grow up. Raising to do and be better. That's what we do at Hestia. We teach by setting a better example. Caring for our planet is part of Hestia's philosophy. We teach children about all the wonders of nature. Each location has a green area in which we grow our own food and educate children by involving them in the growing process. Our food is organic and we play with recycled materials as much as possible. We think it is important that children are outside every day. So whatever the weather, children play outside at Hestia and enjoy the fresh air and the changing nature. It is our goal to turn our locations into sustainable and self-sustaining buildings. Step by step we take the road to a regenerative way of working.

Fair Share

We are currently working on making our chain of partners more sustainable. Fair sharing is important to us and we want to integrate it into our way of doing business. Hestia is a Social Organisation, which means to us that purpose and profit reinforce each other. Our goal is to make a profit to reinvest in the growth of Hestia. We hope that with this we can spread this new view on childcare and change the sector.