Teacher Childcare vacancy

On locations in Amsterdam or Amstelveen

Age children to be cared for: 0 to 4 years

Gross salary €2177- €2964
You decide on your hours
Fixed days and normal work hours, or flexible ones
Training ‘Learning naturally according to Hestia’

International work environment
Either Dutch or English speaker
Space for development of your talent

Learning at and growing at Hestia happens like this:

On the job

Teacher childcare on a children’s day care

"Celebrating peoples' true nature", that's what we do at Hestia. Not only do we empower children to fully express themselves, we also celebrate our employees and all the diverse talents that they have. Our culture is inclusive and we support conscious growth of our people.

Working at Hestia

Inspiring environment where natural development is key. Think of Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Steiner as important pedagogical influences which we put into practice. Hestia has developed her own training courses and will ensure that you are an expert in the field of natural child development after a while.
Lots of freedom and creativity in your work. Within our working method you are free to apply your own interpretation to activities and use your own talents. Whether that be creativity, sport, history, nutrition, mindfulness or an enormous fascination for nature, everything is equally valuable and possible within our framework.
An international environment where we celebrate culture and diversity. Because our childcare locations are bilingual (at least 30% English and at least 50% Dutch) and the pedagogical vision is unique, this attracts people from both the Netherlands and places from all over the world. That means that we are now a close-knit international family where cultures and backgrounds are celebrated.
We stand for sustainable change. Hestia is innovative in the childcare sector. We are in the process of becoming Bcorp certified and think about our impact on the climate, the environment and society. In the coming years we want to further expand on the permaculture concept.

"I loved the idea that Hestia is a second home for kids and teachers. I remembered when I first saw Hestia’s website I was really excited to apply. When I had my trial day and returned home I was so happy with my experience. I found a very nice working environment and a lot of inspiring people who are willing to help you and teach you a lot of things. I really enjoy the vibes between the colleagues and all those nice things we do with kids. For example, baking and cooking, museum visits etc. Hestia is indeed a great place to grow. Since I start working here for the company I feel inspired and motivated to become a better version of myself. I really love and appreciate that."

Justine | Amsterdam

What can we offer you?
A job tailored to you!

Our vacancies as a childcare teacher are tailor-made, which means that we would love to talk to you about what you are looking for. We subsequently shape the job around that. That means hours, days, and location are all negotiable. We are always looking for Dutch-speaking pedagogical employees who enjoy working in an international team. We are also curious about your wishes for your future developments. Childcare is people-oriented and we therefore believe that it is about personal attention for each person. That is what we mean at Hestia when we say we offer you a job tailored to you!

What will you definitely get at Hestia?

• Gross salary €2177- €2964
• Fixed days and normal work hours, or flexible ones
• Training in your first year: Hestia Way learning naturally
• The opportunity to further develop yourself through a variety of courses
• Potential participation in work groups focused on topics like job satisfaction, development and sustainability
• Human-focused employer who concerns itself with vitality, talent profiles and a balance in work/private life
• Year-end bonus
• Discount on your fitness plan

Which childcare locations are there?

We have multiple childcare locations in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, where we offer day care and/or afterschool care.



Who are we looking for?

Energetic pedagogical professionals who love being outdoors, going on an adventure with the children and can lose themselves in theme projects. People who recognise themselves in this and who are enthusiastic about Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Steiner (even though you may not have any experience in this yet). You think sustainability is important and you are curious about for example permaculture. Pedagogical employees who believe diversity and inclusion are important and who feel comfortable in an international organisation. In short, people who want to make a difference and who want to build a new form of childcare with us.

Apply to come work with us!

Do you recognise yourself in the above and do you have a diploma that is approved for working in childcare (check your diploma here if you are not sure)? Fill out the form below or send an email with all your questions to info@hestiakinderopvang.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible! 


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