Locations designed for children

Childcare Amsterdam / Amstelveen

We have various childcare locations spread over Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Each location has its own character and team atmosphere. Read more below.

Hestia Rivierenbuurt

Uiterwaardenstraat, Amsterdam

A specially designed and price-winning location with an international and close-knit team.

Day care (KDV) & Afterschool care (BSO)

Our childcare location housing both day care and afterschool care in the Rivierenbuurt have been specially designed according to Hestia's pedagogical vision. When you enter the building, you notice the difference in everything. Small gates allowing for crawling through, lots of wood, light & large spaces and a central "Piazza" where children, parents and employees come together. The team comes from all over the world and feels like a close family. This location is adjacent to the schoolyard of the Maas & Waal school, under the large trees with a large vegetable garden on the side of the building.

// Uiterwaardenstraat 542, Amsterdam
// Phone 020-6617937

Hestia Waldorf aan de Werf

Amsterdam Noord

Integral children’s centre where inclusiveness and free development take centre stage

Afterschool care

Together with the Waldorf aan de Werf school, Hestia offers a home for children from all kinds of backgrounds. Here they can develop in a natural and free manner. School and afterschool care merge seamlessly and are well attuned to each other. A completely new building for both the school and our BSO in Noord will soon be completed. In the meantime, the team will continue to offer the best care for the children. The team is small so we know each other well. We have a lot of fun with creative activities and going on adventures.

// J.H. Hisgenpad 394, Amsterdam
// Phone 06-86863440

Hestia Amstelland


An international community of employees, children, and parents

Day care (KDV) & Afterschool care (BSO)

This location is located in Amstelveen and is surrounded by beautiful farmlands where we often go on outings. The atmosphere at Hestia Amstelland is unique. This is our example of how employees, children, and parents from different cultural backgrounds can form a close-knit community. Here we celebrate cultural festivals and parents bring dishes from their country for everyone to taste. Our team knows each other well and there is an open, informal working atmosphere. Together we are constantly working to apply Hestia's pedagogical vision in the development of children.

// Laan van de Helende Meesters 4, Amstelveen
// Phone 020-3459391

Hestia School of Understanding


The place in Amstelveen where an innovative school and afterschool care teach children to be themselves

Afterschool care

The School of Understanding (SoU) and Hestia started a cooperation two years ago. Both visions of natural education and free development are so similar that a collaboration was obvious. In the building of the school, Hestia has a BSO where children from the SoU come daily. The team is largely Dutch-speaking, but is slowly growing into a more international team. The cooperation between childcare and education makes the work fascinating and challenging. Together you are working to show that education and childcare can be done differently!

// Pandora 4a – 5, Amstelveen
// Tel. 020 220 1900